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Leather lighter case

10 EUR
The handcrafted lighter case is made out of premium leather. This case is long-lasting and is used for classic lighters.
Leather balm (original price 6 EUR):
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we use a lighter all the time in the production of our hand-sewn products. That's why this product was created. The dull lighter immediately gets a sleek look and, most importantly, helps not to waste leather clippings from larger projects. We managed to establish cooperation with a traditional Italian tannery. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of the leather and its origin.

The lighter case is designed for a classic lighter.


Durability is guaranteed by a hand saddle stitch, beige waxed thread (you can choose another one) and also the edges are hand burnished.

Unique look

A special wax is applied to the skin, which gives the skin an ancient look known in the world as "crazy horse leather". With this look, it adds every scratch to the uniqueness. This leather really "matures" over time.


The dimensions of the case are 7.5 x 4 x 0.5 cm (L x W x H).

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