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About us


I handcraft leather bags, wallets and other products that will last for years.

I'm Radim - a graduated IT guy who fell in love with working with leather. I learned to make leather products by hand. From cutting out the individual parts, riveting to sewing it together. This creates truly original and unique pieces. I craft it with love for people who can appreciate honest handwork, want to live sustainably and buy quality products.

I am currently working with Mr. Peter, an experienced and inspiring bag maker. He is an artisanal magician. When I don't know what to do, he always finds a solution. :)

I was an avid self-taught artist who faced many challenges.

I didn't get my knowledge and skills from my dad or my grandfather, but from spending countless hours watching instructional videos, looking under the hands of the local bag maker and attending a sewing class where I was the only male among the women. :)

After work, I was sewing and sewing. First canvas, then leather. With a vision of producing stylish and functional pieces that don't wear out with age, but instead age like wine. 

I choose only verified suppliers with traditional production methods who are ethical and environmentally friendly.

With my work I am trying to breathe life back into the bagmaking industry in our country. I have set myself the goal of producing quality products and thus reducing the consumerist way of life. I want to support local suppliers. However, I choose only those who are proven, with traditional production methods, ethical and environmentally friendly.

Values on which I build:

  • Customer satisfaction is always my first priority, so I have made it my goal to create unique products, communicate openly and act honestly.
  • By offering a product repair service, I want to motivate customers to reduce their consumption and consumerism. 
  • For me, business is not only about production, but also about responsibility to the planet, human labour and future generations. 



"The hat in the logo symbolizes these values, on which I build.

It is a symbol of the gentlemanliness that is so endangered today."


 - Radim Schneider



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